Horse mailboxes, Trailer mailbox, Old Wagon mailbox and Sulky mailboxes to enhance your yard!!! This is the perfect gift idea or novelty for any horse lovers around.

If you want your mailbox painted like your horse then send a photo when ordering and specify you want it custom painted. There is no additional charge.
Dean's Custom Mailboxes
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bay mailbox
Item# 111 Bay with light mane...$135.00
Item# 101 Quarter Horse mailbox...$135.00
Item# 102 Gray Mare...$135.00.
horse mailbox
grey mare mailbox
Item# 105 Appaloosas (Brown)...$135.00
Item# 106 Paint Horse...$135.00
appolousa mailbox
Item# 109 Buckskin Horse...$135.00
Item# 110 Rocky Mtn. Pleasure...$135.00
buckskin mailbox
Pleasure horse mailbox
Item# 103 Golden Palomino...$135.00
Item# 104 Palomino...$135.00
Golden palimino mailbox
Palimino mailbox
Item# 108 Walking Horse Black...$135.00
Walking horse mailbox
Item# 198 Horse Trailer...$155.00
carousel mailbox
carousel mailbox
Item# 112 Old Timey Wagon Mailbox...$175.00 (specify color when ordering)

           New Version                         OR                         Rustic Version
Item#113 Bay w/t white sox....$135.00
horse mailbox
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Item#197 Sulky Mailbox...$195.00
Sulky with driver mailbox
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Yard Art
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Please allow 6-26 weeks for your mailbox to be built and shipped unless otherwise stated.
Item#114 Polo Player mailbox....$165.00
Item# 033 Horses scenery mailbox....$150.00
Either style just note when ordering.
Now offering hand painted all metal mailboxes. We can custom paint your horse as a portrait on your mailbox. So if you do not want a real 3D horse mailbox then you have the option of having your very own customized horse hand painted mailbox!!!
Click here to view our over 150 hand painted designs.
Shipping included on all Horse mailboxes anywhere in USA except Hawaii or Alaska. Email for quotes if outside the States or lower 48.
Sulky racing Mailbox
Horse Trailer Mailbox
Prarie Mailbox
Quarter Horse Mailbox
Black Walking Horse Mailbox
Golden Palimino horse Mailbox
Buck skin Mailbox
Palomino horse Mailbox
Appaloosa Mailbox
Bay Mailbox
Paint Horse Mailbox
Bay Horse Mailbox
Polo player on a  horse Mailbox
Horse scenery Mailbox
Item# W013 Cowboy Hat Mailbox...$160.00
Regular style cowboy hat
Flat top style cowboy hat mailbox
Cowboy Mailbox
Item# W013-A Cowboy Hat Mailbox...$155.00
Item# 3003 Carousel mailbox....$185.00
Circus Mailbox
Right side.
Left Side.