Dean's Custom Mailboxes
We offer a large variety of Yard Art such as hand crafted Statuary, Custom Planters, Custom Profiles of virtually any animal or object.
Item# YA-101 7ft. tall lighthouse....$350.00
Made with Galvanized steel and treated wood. The light actually works as well.  Email for different paint schemes
Item# YA-102 5ft. tall lighthouse....$300.00
same as above just shorter
Item# YA-103 3ft. tall lighthouse....$200.00
same as above just shorter
Item# YA-104 5ft. Long Pirate Ship....$650.00

This is an actual 3 dimensional pirate ship It measures 5ft. from bow to stern and is 4 ft. tall to top of sail mast. It is constructed of all weather treated wood and the sails are made of Galvanized steel. We can paint it in any colors so please specify when you order. Price may vary if you totally change the paint scheme so please email with questions.
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Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship
3ft Lighthouse
3ft Lighthouse
5ft Lighthouse
5ft Lighthouse
7ft Lighthouse
7ft Lighthouse

The price does not include shipping. Please email us for a shipping quote as these
are not cheap made products. I hand make each one and they range anywhere from
60 to 150lbs. We will make virtually anything so if you have something in mind
that you want then email us for a quote.
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Please allow 6-26 weeks or longer for your mailbox to be built and shipped.
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Yard Art
Item# YA-105 Rocking Horse...$150.00
Decorate your yard or just let the kids have fun on our totally unique and  fully functional Rocking Horses.
Rockin Horse
Rockin Horse