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We custom Design Mailboxes to your specifications!!! We build and design anything you want!! 100% Customer Satisfaction is our Mission.  All of our designs are unique and especially customized for you so no one is just alike as they are all handmade. We started with a dream of a horse mailbox that God brought us in a dream. Now we have over 500 designs and growing. We give all the Glory to God. All mailboxes are postmaster approved and weather resistant for years of enjoyment. Thank you for visiting our web site and please feel free to send your comments or suggestions to dcmailboxes@aol.com or call us at 919-751-0797!!!!!!!

UPDATE!!!! God Has Blessed Me!!!
I have now got mailboxes in every Country in the USA as well as Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan and China. So order with confidence.
Jesus Died For You!!!
 These are some of our first designs.
email me
        Or Call
Just a few Testimonials about our products!!! I may be a bit backed up but once you get your mailbox it is well worth the wait. None other out there compares!!! I guarantee that. (If you want me to I can provide proof of emails from my customers) 
Just wanted to say thank you!  We got the hotrod mailbox, it is awesome!  Thanks for putting up with all my e-mails and phone calls.
Just wanted to let you know that the  Sulky mailbox was received and we are happy with it.  We put it up yesterday.
Thanks for getting the mailbox to us in time....  We really will enjoy it!!!!             


I hope you remember me.  I purchased the gorgeous red and white Siberian Husky -- Rambo -- from you.  He is our 16 year old fellow.  Anyway, I wanted to find out if you made any train mailboxes?  We have a friend who is celebrating his 40th birthday.  He is an Engineer for the railroad.  We thought this might be a special gift to remember the significant year.
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!!
P.S.  We love our Rambo mailbox!!!!!

                                         So We built This.....

 It looks just like her!!!. It is outstanding!!!. Great work & thanx sooo much for your hard work I really appreciate it & looooove it. I will be recommending your company to everyone that I possable can!!. God Bless all of you & have a grrrreat day. 


Hi--I received the bluetick mailbox yesterday.  It is great!  My dad is going to love it.  It really is beautiful and I appreciate it very much.  I can't wait until Christmas so I can give it to him!  Thanks so much. 
Sincerely, Wendy           


Received it yesterday.  It's great.  My sister and bill are going to love it.  It anyone asks, I'll point them in your direction.

Hope you holiday season is happy.

Hello, I received my House replica mailbox today and I am astonished on the detail and accuracy of the mailbox!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

Absolutely Fabulous!!! It looks just like my house! I did not expect even close to this quality. I do know whether to put it up or keep it in my house as a piece of art!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure you will be getting a lot of orders from my neighbors and friends.

Sincerely, Tom     
I just wanted to say. Thank you. The dragon mailbox is by far the best work of art I have seen. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Let my neighbors beat this. They will not even get close!!!!!!!!

Thanks again,
John 3:16 Our Salvation
Love the mailbox. Looks terrific. I can't wait.  Ha ha BUT the mailbox is a dilly. He is gonna be so surprised and shocked. Cool cool cool Thank you thank you thank you. Worth every penny. God blessed you. 
Thank you so much,
Delia Halloway

Click to view larger picture
The mailbox looks great, we all loved it.  It was a big hit in the office so we are going to keep it here on display and will order another one for the auction coming up so you can paint it to match their concrete truck.  
Thanks again for everything.  We are very pleased with your work.
NRMCA    (National Ready Mixed Concrete Association)

October 6, 2021
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Disclosure and Warranty Statement.

All mailboxes take at least 6-26 weeks or longer to be built and depending on style sometimes longer. The Custom Houses, Airplanes, Vehichles, etc have been known to take up to a year or more to get them proportionate and right. I accept nothing less than the absolute best and that sometimes takes a little time. Each one is handmade as they are ordered. They are warranted against manufacturing defects. All sales are final and we do not offer and returns or refunds at this time for any reason including if you think it takes to much time to build. If you order and we can not design your mailbox then we will notify you and refund your money as it is the right thing to do. In addition it will be no cost to you what so ever for us trying to design your mailbox. These take time and effort along with a lot of trial and error while making our mailboxes proportionate and as realistic as possible. We are not responsible for any theft, inclement weather, misuse, vandalism or any other acts of nature that may damage your mailbox. We insure all mailboxes for shipping so any damages in shipping are taken care of if applicable and  we are not responsible for lost mail if you do not provide us with the correct address. We pack very tight and with extra packing materials to avoid any shipping problems. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at dcmailboxes@aol.com or call us at 919-751-0797.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright © Dean's Custom Mailboxes  All Images
Please allow 6-26 weeks or longer for your mailbox to be built and shipped.
Wow, it is beautiful! Exceeded my expectations and far superior to my other one that got damaged before placing the order for this new one. Just arrived yesterday and the box was in good shape. How much do I owe you for shipping? Thanks.

the mail box is here. thank you  i think it looks great. i will be giving it to my friend thursday. it is really well made, you did a good job. thnks  marcia
The Dragon has landed! It's safe and sound, and does look very easy to assemble. My only question - is it easier to assemble then put on the post or the other way round? (In either case, the ground is still frozen and snow piled around the mail box post , so this will wait for a couple of months.)
I'm very happy with the looks of the box!  Thanks, Igor
The mailbox arrived today.  It is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you very much.  It is really a beautiful piece of art.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We got our mailbox thank you.
We do love it and am sorry it took so long.
But you did do a good job.
God Bless your business and all you do
i  love it...took awhile ahahha... but its supa cool..my b/f loves it,. it was his fathers day gift..
tiffani coquat

the mailbox is fabulous

we'll send check for shipping next week.

Sondra Fry Benoudiz
Vice President, Membership & Marketing
Specialty Graphic Imaging Association International


Hi Lonnie,
I am writing to let you know we recv'd the mailbox last week,while we were away(thank you). My father just opened it and is in love with it.I just want to thank you for making this the best gift I ever bought him.You put great work into this and did a fantastic job.IT LOOKS AWESOME!! you did a great job packaging everything as well.
keep up the great work...
If we ever need another mailbox in the family we'll be sure to shop with you,as long as we can plan early to have it for whichever holiday needed.
thank you again
Just wanted to tell you that the mailbox was worth the wait.  It's really stunning and everyone loves it!  I finally put it up and it looks great in front of the house.
Many thanks and God bless.
Credit Card Processing Company
Credit Card Processing Company
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