Fruit Mailboxes,
  Floral Hand Painted Mailboxes
Dean's Custom Mailboxes
Item# 010 Golden Apple Mailbox...$150.00
Item# 020 Red Apple Mailbox...$150.00
Item# 030 Apple, Pear & Wisteria hand painted Mailbox...$115.00
hand painted mailbox, painted mailbox
Item# 040 Black eyed Susan mailbox...$115.00
flower mailbox, painted mailbox
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Yard Art
Item# 041 Sunflowers mailbox...$115.00
Fruit mailboxes
apple mailboxes
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Please allow 6-26 weeks for your mailbox to be built and shipped. All Handpainted boxes 6-8 weeks to ship.
Item# 043 Hydrengeas mailbox...$125.00
Item# 042 Clamatis vine mailbox with house numbers...$125.00
Welcome to our Fruits and Flowers mailbox page. Here you can find basically any form of fruit or flower mailbox you could imagine. Well if we do not have it then just email us and we will paint it for you. Our Artists are talented and ready to take on that specail floral or fruit arrangement you love so much and put it on a mailbox so you can look at it every day when you check the mail whether is be an apple, pear, watermelon, peach, or any other fruit as well as roses, blackeyed susans, sunflowers, clamatis or any other plant. So get yours today and start a new trend in your neighborhood or either top off with our superior mailboxes.
All mailboxes are in standard size. If you want a medium or Jumbo sized mailbox then email for prices.
Yellow apple Mailbox
Red apple Mailbox
HP Fruits Mailbox
HP Susans Mailbox
Clamatis HP Mailbox
Painted Sunflower Mailbox
Hydregeas HP Mailbox
Shipping included on all Fruit & HP Flower mailboxes anywhere in USA except Hawaii or Alaska. Email for quotes if outside the States or lower 48.
Item# 022 Acorn Mailbox...$155.00
Red apple Mailbox