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Item# 4001 Palm Tree mailbox...$275.00 (treated wood, unpainted)
Item# 4003 Dragon mailbox...$275.00 (Color is your Choice)
Item# 4002 Painted Palm Tree...$300.00
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Item# 4004 Palm Tree Artificial leaves....$380.00
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Item# 4005 Cruise Ship mailbox....$210.00
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Item# 4006 Oasis Mailbox....$145.00
Item# 4007 Cruise Ship 2......$220.00
2 stacks with Mickey ears!!!
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Cruise Franchise Specializing in Cruise Franchises for Travel Agents.
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Item# 4008 Cigarette Boat Mailbox....$240.00
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Please allow 6-26 weeks or longer for your mailbox to be built and shipped unless otherwise stated.
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Yard Art
Welcome to our Exotic mailboxes page!!! Many surprises here including a Dragon mailbox, Cruise ship, Palm tree mailbox, and even a Cigarette boat mailbox!! With all our mailboxes you are certain to be the talk of the town or if you don't put it by the road then they are just pieces of art that can be displayed anywhere!!! Pool, Flower beds or even just a home decoration. Our Mythical mailboxes are the most versatile mailboxes in the business. Get yours now!! Or even get wilder and customize your own Mystical mailbox.
Hey not in for the 3D mailboxes? Well then click here and be directed to our plain painted mailboxes and choose or design your own mailbox.
Sailboat mailbox
sea shells mailbox
click on dragon mailbox for larger picture
Shipping included on all Caribbean mailboxes anywhere in USA except Hawaii or Alaska. Email for quotes if outside the States or lower 48.
Non painted Palmtree Mailbox
Dragon Mailbox
Painted Palm Tree Mailbox
Palm Tree artificial leaves Mailbox
Bay Boat Mailbox
Ship Mailbox
Cruise Ship mailbox
Little Yellow Mailbox
Item# 4009 Friendly Dragon Mailbox...$275.00
Friendly Dragon Mailbox