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We are the Custom mailbox specialists and will make any style mailbox you want whether it is a dragon, airplane, house or something crazy we will make it just like you want. Our prices are low and our products are proportionate and realistic so you get a durable and realistic conversational piece you and your friends can adore for years to come.
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Need to design your own or get ideas? Maybe need 
gift certificates or gift cards. Email or Call Us for information on even those seemingly impossible mailbox ideas.

Now offering house plates with your name or number in any design we have. Dragons, Cars, Motorcycles, Pets, Animals and many many more. Please email us for details and pricing. Order one with any of our mailboxes and match from the curb side to your door side!!!!
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Our mailbox designs are original and created by Dean's Custom Mailboxes. (Unless otherwise stated) We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. We believe that people should be treated in a courteous manner. At Dean's Custom Mailboxes you will find great products at even greater prices. The only drawback to my mailboxes is that they do take time as I build these by hand as ordered so the wait times can be extensive so If you do not want to wait then please do not order as art takes time and my mailboxes are in high demand due to originality and quality if you can stand the wait.
Custom Mailbox Posts and Flags
Disclosure and Warranty Statement.

All mailboxes take at least 6-26 weeks or longer to be built and depending on style sometimes longer. The Custom Houses, Airplanes, Vehichles, etc have been known to take up to a year or more to get them proportionate and right. I accept nothing less than the absolute best and that sometimes takes a little time. Each one is handmade as they are ordered. They are warranted against manufacturing defects. All sales are final and we do not offer and returns or refunds at this time for any reason including if you think it takes to much time to build. If you order and we can not design your mailbox then we will notify you and refund your money as it is the right thing to do. In addition it will be no cost to you what so ever for us trying to design your mailbox. These take time and effort along with a lot of trial and error while making our mailboxes proportionate and as realistic as possible. We are not responsible for any theft, inclement weather, misuse, vandalism or any other acts of nature that may damage your mailbox. We insure all mailboxes for shipping so any damages in shipping are taken care of if applicable and  we are not responsible for lost mail if you do not provide us with the correct address. We pack very tight and with extra packing materials to avoid any shipping problems. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at or call us at 919-751-0797.

.All Rights Reserved. Copyright © Dean's Custom Mailboxes  All Images:

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September 9, 2021
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Customized for you!!!
Boat motor mailbox
Please note that the normal wait for your mailbox is 6-26 weeks or longer. The Custom Houses, Airplanes, Vehichles, etc have been known to take up to a year (1) or more to get them proportionate and right. We do have gift cards. Look below for Examples. We can customize a gift card for your recipient for any occasion. The cards are very nice and professional. Our mailboxes take time to build and the demand is very high as we have them in every State in the Country as well as around the World. We are backed up about4-6 months and on some designs a year or more. These are very awesome but please take this into consideration before ordering. Once you or your loved one gets their hand made mailbox then they are truly worth every minute of the wait. Do not be confused or misled as we strive for perfection on all our mailboxes. So once ordering tell us if you want a gift card and we will get one sent out to you. We will print it out on professional gift card paper and mail it to you ASAP so you will have it to give your loved one on that special occasion. Once we are done with your mailbox we will then ship it directly to you or your loved one. Any questions please email or call us on time frames, designs custom made for you and more. 
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Looking for a mailbox or mailboxes? We offer custom mailboxes of all types, be they wall mount mailboxes or house mailboxes. We have a wide variety of animal mailboxes, including fish mailboxes and dog mailboxes, as well as a pig mailboxswan mailbox, or some horse mailboxes; we even have a dragon mailbox. Our selection of novelty mailboxes has just about anything you can imagine, be it a palm treeairplanemotorcycle, or sports designs, including a variety of racecar mailboxes for you racing fans.. If you’re looking for a residential mailbox or mailbox post, we have got quite a variety, and our hand painted mailboxes are sure to delight you and your neighbors for years to come. We NOW have over 500 styles and still growing. (Be sure to visit regularly as there are some awesome NEW mailbox  DESIGNS here and coming soon), so get a cup of coffee and check out our whole line of unique mailboxes until you find a decorative mailbox you can call your own. We’re sure our line of custom mailboxes will go with any suburban, rural, urban, or business theme you can imagine for your personal spectacular eye catchers we all love.
cat mailbox
Residential Mailboxes
Novelties to hang on the door of your home for all occasions and holidays!
New Mailbox Designs monthly!!!! Anything is possible with a Dean's Custom Mailbox!!!! Get yours today with just an inquiry and idea of what you want your home to reflect about you and your family!!